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El Cerrito, CA

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Yoga at Creekside Park

Yoga in the Park returns for 2024!

Join me for a relaxing all-levels Vinyasa-Yin yoga class at beautiful Creekside Park in Albany, CA. Each class is customized to target students' problem areas. Beginners welcome!

Class meets from 12:30 - 1:30 pm every Saturday

Drop in fee is $20

About Chakra Rainbow Yoga

My name is Adrien Joyner and I started doing yoga in 2008. Yoga has been a huge help to me in managing stress, chronic injuries, and gender dysphoria. I decided to become the fat, trans, disabled yoga teacher I want to see in the world so I can teach these skills to other people who need them!  My goal is to create yoga classes for people of all skill levels, body types, genders and backgrounds.

I am certified to teach Vinyasa, Yin, Power, and Restorative yoga. My yoga practice is slow and deliberate, with special attention paid to correct body alignment. Focusing on the details and sensations of each pose helps us to maximize benefit and minimize risk in every posture. It also helps us quiet our minds and feel fully present in our bodies without spiraling into negative feelings about them.
All classes include massage ball release work. Beginners welcome!

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